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Debut Album:

The title track of Roelant’s first album, “Music to Change the World By” is not about their music changing the world. The song and the album explore the idea that there is a song in life that everyone hears and it subtly calls each of us to seek truth, to seek beauty, and in the pursuit of these, we are changed.

Roelant’s songwriting, sometimes ironically, questions the effects of this beauty in the world. What pauses in our souls at the sight of mountains and oceans? What are the local and eternal echoes found in the love of family and friends; the kindness received and given of strangers? What are the damages and the redemption of the hypocrisy of moral people; the internal and external struggles of isolation and connection?

Roelant’s debut album released two Billboard charting radio singles, “Soda Pop Kids” and “Staring at the Sun”. The singles have been played all over America and several other nations. “Soda Pop Kids” ranked as high as number 3 on the Billboard charts and was in the top 10 for several months.

About the Band
Vocals, Guitar, and Lyrics
Justin learned guitar from his mother when he was eight years old and is influenced by the music of Chris Cornell, Phil Keaggy, Jeff Beck, and Jeff Buckley. He’s traveled widely in Europe, North, Central and South America and looks forward to wherever is next. He learned Spanish and met his favorite country in Argentina.

Video filming and editing is another passion and two recent travel videos are of his honeymoon in Costa Rica and Panama and a 130-mile hike through southwest Ireland with his wife, Ginny.

He met Ginny in Houston in 2013, fainted on their first date at a Kishi Bashi concert, and they were married two years later. They are expecting their first child, a little girl, in July 2017.

Matt picked up bass when he was twelve and became obsessed. Some of his key musical influences are Mike Herrera, Mike Kerr, Chris Wolstenholme. He is an associate pastor at Gateway church in the Houston area and a pillar of Love Bought International, serving orphans in Colombia displaced by drug violence.
He met his wife Sydney on Valentine’s Day in 2010 and they married four short months later. Sydney is the brilliant eye and steady, creative hand behind the Okie Doughkie Cookie Company.

Josh’s love of music started around age six and his father bought him his first drum set at fourteen. He played in a band with both his sister, Liviya, and father, Jesse, for ten years. Besides his family, some of Josh’s musical influences are Stuart Copeland, Danny Carey, Dave Groll, and Steve Jordan. Josh works in sales for a company in the Houston area and he and his wife, Ashley, have been married since 2015.